underseat bags for ryanair

Underseat bags for Ryanair flights

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Find the best underseat bag to take on board your Ryanair flight

The budget airline Ryanair has a new policy since November 2018 for their hand luggage allowance. Passengers are now only allowed to bring one small personal bag on board with size 25 x 20 x 40 cm. The bag must fit under the seat in front of you.

Ryanair 2019 luggage policy

Bags that can fit under the seat as per Ryanair’s policy

As I’ve written previously, Ryanair’s new lugagge policy is very strict. The bag size will be checked at the gate and you may be charged if you’re over the limit. You must be prepared in advance with the correct sized bag or suitcase.

Where can you buy a bag in accordance with Ryanair’s sizing limits? I include some very useful links for bags that fit under Ryanair’s seats:

How to pack your hand luggage

Now that you’ve bought your ideal hand bag, you’ll need to know how you can fit all your luggage in it. After all, the size is very small and you’ll need all the tricks you can find. Fitting some bulky items like shoes or laptops can be a challenge. Check out the selected videos below to learn how to fit all your items.

How to pack with just a carry on bag

Minimalist packing tips

How to pack a carry-on + download a packing checklist

Make sure to check the videos – these useful tricks can save you lots of packing space so you can bring your favorite items on board.

How do you prepare your luggage before a flight? Do you make a checklist? Do you research sizing requirements? Feel free to comment and share!

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