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What does Norwegian charge you for baggage – explained by!


Frequent fliers know how important it is to be familiar with the specific luggage requirements of each airline. Otherwise you risk being overcharged for your extra luggage before boarding.

Checked baggage allowance

The type of ticket you’ve bought determines what is your baggage allowance and if you have to pay an additional fee or not. If you need to, you can add additional baggage to your booking up to 6 hours before departure. It can be done online or by calling the Norwegian helpdesk at +44 (0)330 828 0854.

The types of tickets and luggage allowance are respectively:

  • Low fare – no bags included
  • Low fare+ – 1 bag x 20 kg
  • Flex, Premium and PremiumFlex – 2×20 kg

You have to be careful about the size and weight of your bags. As per Norwegian’s website:

Each bag must not be heavier than 32 kg or lighter than 2 kg.

Your total amount of checked bags cannot weigh more than 64 kg.

Each bag must not exceed 250 x 79 x 112 cm (L x H x W) with max. circumference 300 cm.

Hand baggage

Regardless of type of ticket you have, you can always bring a carry-on bag on board. In addition to the carry-on, you are allowed one additional small personal item with you. This can be a slim laptop bag or a lady’s handbag. The ticket type however will determine how heavy the carry-on bag can be:

LowFare, LowFare+, Flex, Premium: 10 kg – 55 x 40 x 23 cm

PremiumFlex: 15 kg – 55 x 40 x 23 cm

Excess baggage

Excess baggage charges apply to any items over the 2 baggage limit, and to items over 20 kg – 11€ per kilo, per bag.

Do you consider Norwegian’s luggage policy fair and convenient for budget travelers? Compared to Ryanair or Wizzair, we believe that this airline allows its customers more freedom when it comes to hand luggage.

Norwegian ASA – video

We’d love to read your opinion in regards to these charges – please share and comment below!

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