How I climbed the Milan cathedral

Climb to the terraces of the Milan Duomo cathedral If you’ve ever considered going to Milan, you must have heard or seen pictures of the famous Duomo cathedral. The most popular attraction in Milan, it gathers thousands of people each month.

Accommodation for visiting Kapana - art street fest in Plovdiv, Europe's oldest inhabited city cover photo

Accommodation for visiting Kapana – art street fest in Plovdiv, Europe’s oldest inhabited city

Did you know that Plovdiv, Bulgaria is the oldest inhabited city in all Europe? No? Me neither. Let’s take a look at Plovdiv and its yearly street fest Kapana. Similar to Rome, Plovdiv sits on seven hills, however the Bulgarian city is far more ancient. Thracian people founded the city …

View to the port of Kavala

Kavala and Thassos, Greece – one-day trip

Port Kavala, Greece – the place where you can see an ancient castle and get on a ferry to Thassos Island in a single day! We spent a few days in Greece this summer enjoying their beaches and decided to visit Kavala. Kavala is located right across the island of …

Saint Peter's Basilica

First time trip to the Vatican – popular places to see

Why you should visit the Vatican I’ve dreamt of visiting the Vatican for years since I read Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons. The history of the place and recent popularity in the media gather tourists all around the world. After considering our options, we decided to forgo the beaches for …