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    Summer vacation in Asprovalta, Greece

    Enjoy the amazing beaches and crystalline blue water in Asprovalta, Greece! Greek beaches are famous for a reason – they are huge so there’s place for everyone! The sea water is amazingly clear with no seaweed. Often the beaches in Asprovalta are partially prepared with sunbeds and umbrellas, although some parts are kept empty. How to get there Asprovalta is located on the Aegan sea coast, halfway between Thessaloniki and Kavala. It’s easily accessible by highway A2 (E90) between Kavala and Thessaloniki. If you’re travelling from Europe, you can cross Bulgaria via E79 and transfer to A2 highway close to Thessaloniki. The other option is to follow E79 through Bulgaria…

  • View to the port of Kavala
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    Kavala and Thassos, Greece – one-day trip

    Port Kavala, Greece – the place where you can see an ancient castle and get on a ferry to Thassos Island in a single day! We spent a few days in Greece this summer enjoying their beaches and decided to visit Kavala. Kavala is located right across the island of Thassos and is has the second biggest port in Macedonia area. The city has ancient history – it was founded in 7th century B.C. Kavala – ancient city We arrived in Kavala by car from Asprovalta taking the highway between Thessaloniki and Kavala, the two biggest cities in Northern Greece. The highway is in good shape, but keep in mind…