Our first hand experience with toll rates in Italy cover photo

Our first hand experience with toll rates in Italy

Guide to Northern Italy’s toll roads What you must know before you drive in Italy: Their highways (Autostrada) are all toll roads and there are multiple toll points per highway Toll fees are irregularly applied – you can drive 50 km and see no toll points and after that pass …

Milan is overrated visit Bergamo cover photo

Milan is overrated – visit Bergamo instead

Why you should visit Bergamo instead of Milan – top reasons Bergamo is a city close to Milan, 60 km north-east. It’s mostly famous for its airport which many of the low budget airlines use instead of the Milan Malpensa airport. However, Bergamo is much more than an airport town. …

Visiting the Basilica of Superga in Turin cover photo

Visiting the Basilica of Superga in Turin

Basilica of Superga – a must see in Turin! Today I will show you one of the unpopular places in Turin, which is worth the visit – the Basilica of Superga. Location Basilica of Superga is located on the outskirts of Turin. Situated on a hill, it shows a wonderful …

Visiting Allianz Stadium cover photo

Visiting Allianz Stadium

One day at the new Allianz stadium of Juventus F.C. During our visit in Turin we made a stop at the popular Allianz Stadium. This was a must-see location for us as fans of the Turin football club. How to reach the Allianz Stadium The stadium is located away from …


Video from collapsing highway bridge in Genoa, Italy

The disaster stroke Genoa in very bad condition but reason for the fallen bridge is still not confirmed Huge tragedy stroke Italy today¬† – bridge, part of an Italian highway collapsed. The reason is still not clear but some comments point to the extremely bad weather in the region as …

Top 4 unpopular reasons to visit Turin cover photo

Top 4 unpopular reasons to visit Turin

Find out some unpopular reasons to plan your trip to Turin! Turin is an important business and cultural center in Northern Italy, Piedmont region. To most people, the city is known as the home of the famous football club Juventus. The city is much more than that, however. Read below …


How I climbed the Milan cathedral

Climb to the terraces of the Milan¬†Duomo cathedral If you’ve ever considered going to Milan, you must have heard or seen pictures of the famous Duomo cathedral. The most popular attraction in Milan, it gathers thousands of people each month.

How we reached Milan center using urban transport cover photo

How we reached Milan center using urban transport

How to get to Milan center using their urban transport Navigating and parking in Milan can be a real nightmare. The city is big, crowded and finding a parking spot is very difficult. Also, the inner area of the city known as Area C is congestion charge active. This means …

Saint Peter's Basilica

First time trip to the Vatican – popular places to see

Why you should visit the Vatican I’ve dreamt of visiting the Vatican for years since I read Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons. The history of the place and recent popularity in the media gather tourists all around the world. After considering our options, we decided to forgo the beaches for …


Visiting Rome – top 3 reasons why it is not overrated

Some people think that visiting Rome might be a bit overrated? Here are the top 3 reasons why we think it isn’t   Visiting Rome is definitely on top in the “next destination” list for most travelers around the world. But being one of the most popular destinations in the …