The amazing sky of Bulgaria

The amazing sky of Bulgaria cover photo

View breathtaking images of the amazing sky of Bulgaria!

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Today’s post is a little different. I want to show you several amazing images I’ve taken recently during my trips around Bulgaria. I love nature scenery and beautiful landscapes and I want to share with you these breathtaking sky I’ve photographed over different cities in Bulgaria. The nature here is truly marvelous.

Sunset over the river

Sunset over the river, Danube river at Rousse Port

Clouds over Panagyrishte

Cloud shapes, Panagyrishte

View over Panagyrishte

Over the city, Panagyrishte

Clouds over the river

Clouds over the river, Danube river at Vidin port

Over the city 2, Panagyrishte

On the road

Nothing better than bad weatherNothing better than bad weather

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