Wizz Air review – top 5 reasons not to fly with them

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Top 5 reasons not to fly with Wizz Air

I’ve written about our recent trip to Italy and today I will tell you about our flight experience with the low-budget company Wizz Air. My experience with Wizz was bad on this occasion. The top reasons for my bad experience and why I advise you not to fly with them are:

  1. frequent flight delays
  2. longer than normal waiting time to board
  3. bad luggage handling
  4. little to no customer service
  5. no explanation for delays

Our bad experience with Wizz Air

I want to stress the fact that this company regularly delays flights and passengers with around an hour  which is not enough to submit an actual claim.

Outbound flight to Italy

Our flight from to Bergamo was scheduled to lift off at 07:40 AM local time and boarding had to close at 07:10 AM.

Nothing like this happened. The Wizz Air employees kept us waiting standing in a queue to board for over an hour. Due to the long waiting time to board, lots of people started feeling ill and there was nowhere to sit or leave our luggage.

During the whole time we waited nobody explained anything and did not announce any problems with the flight at all. However, we noticed that the cabin crew arrived at work just 5 minutes before the plane was scheduled for lift off!

The plane departed at least 40 minutes after the scheduled time.

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Denied boarding

Our return flight was initially scheduled for a Thursday morning at 09:20 am Italy time. We went through luggage and passport check on the Milan Bergamo airport with no issues. However, the queues were extremely long and we were slightly delayed to arrive at the boarding queue for the flight. However, we arrived before the flight was scheduled to take off.

long queue at the airport
Queues at Bergamo Airport

We were at the gate at 09:08 local time and asked to be allowed to get on the plane. The Wizz Air employee denied us and said that boarding is already over. We explained that we have checked in for the flight but were delayed due to airport queues and asked assistance.

The employee refused with no explanation and declined any assistance whatsoever. He did not call to ask if it was possible for us to get on board, did not attempt anything to assist. He just told us to go back and buy tickets for tomorrow.

Return flight

This time Wizz Air was again more than 30 minutes late to start the boarding and kept us waiting in line at the gate. When they arrived, they demanded to take our hand luggage to be transported separately, to which we agreed with the understanding that we have not bought priority so it’s OK.

Boarding started at 09:15 (5 minutes before the plane was scheduled to depart) and we waited once to get through the gate and again to get on a bus and be transported to the plane. No explanation was offered as to why they were delayed. The plane left at 09:50, 30 minutes later than scheduled.

When we arrived we realized that our laptop which was transported separately by Wizz Air has been damaged during transport and is now unusable. We would have taken it on board to avoid damage in transport, however Wizz Air employees did not give us the chance, they took the luggage straightaway.

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After this experience with Wizz Air, I have submitted several claims and I will tell you what happened in my next article.

Have you flown with Wizz Air? What were your impressions? Share below!


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