Visiting Belogradchik in wintertime with the comfortable Opel Vectra cover photo

Visiting Belogradchik in wintertime with the comfortable Opel Vectra

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Visitng Belogradchik in the winter with the comfortable Opel Vectra

Few weeks ago we visited the town of Belogradchik in the north-west part of Bulgaria in the comfort of an Opel Vectra C which happened to be a great cruiser for short and not so short distances.

Belogradchik is mostly famous with its rocks which attract a lot of visitors each year from all over the world. For me this was probably the fifth visit of this town. Again, we enjoyed the beautiful weather even it was December, it was sunny and clear.  Beautiful views of the famous Belogradchik rocks were still the main attraction from different locations in the town.

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Here are just some of the views we’ve captured during our visit:

winter Belogradchik
View from sunny Belogradchik
Belogradchik rocks
Belogradchik rocks
Belogradchik park
Beautiful view from the park
TV tower Belogradchik
TV tower

You can see that Belogradchik is worth visiting in any season and I am sure anyone would appreciate the beautiful views there. There are plenty of hotels and guest houses in the area so you can easily find an accommodation in the area for less than $50 per night. Spa hotel is also present in the very center of the city.

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