Visiting the Basilica of Superga in Turin

Visiting the Basilica of Superga in Turin cover photo

Basilica of Superga – a must see in Turin!

Today I will show you one of the unpopular places in Turin, which is worth the visit – the Basilica of Superga.


Basilica of Superga is located on the outskirts of Turin. Situated on a hill, it shows a wonderful view over the whole city.

How to get there

We reached the basilica by rental car. The drive is 20-25 minutes by Strada Comunale Superga.

Using public transport, you can follow these directions:

  • Get on bus 19 from the center of the city (the stop is on Po river, 100 meters or so from the central bridge). Then you get off on stop 2084 Novara.
  • Get on bus 68 for 11 stops and get off on on Sassi – Superga (the train station)
  • Get on the train 79 which will take you to the Basilica.

The whole trip will take you about an hour by public transport.

Alternatively, the route is very suitable for bicycle rides so you can combine sports and sightseeing.

Why you should visit Basilica of Superga

The basilica was built in the 18th century and is dedicated to The Lady of Grace as per their official website.

Basilica di Superga outside view
Basilica di Superga outside view

The basilica is famous for its crypt, containing the royal tombs and the royal apartment turned into a museum. You can buy tour tickets for both onsite.

Another tourist attraction is the basilica dome. It is accessible by a spiral staircase of 131 stairs. The dome offers an amazing view of the city of Turin and the Alps. Unfortunately, we were not able to climb the stairs when we visited. Tickets are sold onsite.

The interior of Basilica of Superga is baroque style. It is amazingly ornate, beautiful and rich in detail. I could take only this photo by chance since they don’t allow cameras inside.

Air crash in Basilica of Superga

The basilica is also the site of a tragic air crash in 1949. The plane carried the whole football club Turin and their managers. Sadly, all of them perished in the crash. Due to fog and low visibility, the plane, that was headed to the Turing airport crashed in the wall of the basilica.

Nowadays, the wall is kept this way to honor the deceased team. A small memorial is made there as well for people to visit an pay respects.

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