How we reached Milan center using urban transport cover photo

How we reached Milan center using urban transport

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How to get to Milan center using their urban transport

Navigating and parking in Milan can be a real nightmare. The city is big, crowded and finding a parking spot is very difficult. Also, the inner area of the city known as Area C is congestion charge active. This means that in order to see the center and all landmarks, you have to pay a fee of EUR 5 just to enter. Parking costs extra, if you find an available spot.

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Using the urban transportation is much easier and cheaper in any case if you want to visit the center of Milan. I would recommend to use the metro and leave your vehicle at one of the parking lots available on the outermost metro stations. The parking there are big and cheap – 1 EUR for the day. Access is 24/7, however the parking is not guarded.

The metro currently has 5 lines:

  • M1 – from Rhio Fiera / Bisceglie to Sesto 1 Maggio
  • M2 – the one we used – from Assago Milanofiori Forum to Gessate / Cologno Nord
  • M3 –  from S. Donato to Comasina
  • M4 – from S. Cristoforo to Linate
  • M5 – from S. Siro Stadio to Bignami

We stayed in Marcignago so the closest metro station was Assago Milanofiori Forum. It’s 30 minutes by car to the metro, after which we parked at the metro station parking. It costs 1 EUR for 24 hours, but it’s not guarded.

Front view of Milan cathedral
Front view of Milan cathedral

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Milan cathedral side view

After that, we took the M2 from Assago Milanofiori Forum to Cadorna. At Cadorna Station, the metro lines cross so you can hop on another line depending on where you need to go. We took M1 for 2 stops and got off on station Duomo.

Station Duomo lives up to its name – the exit is situated just 10 m from the famous Milan cathedral so this is the view you get when you climb the stairs up from underground.

I will be posting more about our trip in Northern Italy soon!

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Have you been to Milan? What were your impressions?


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