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Top 3 cinemas in Sofia, Bulgaria

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The best cinemas and movie theaters in Sofia for your movie experience.

The capital of Bulgaria offers many entertainment options for its growing population – food, drinks, shopping venues etc. Most of the big shopping malls┬áhave a movie theater area for guests to enjoy after a day of shopping. Here is a list of the best ones that you should visit if you’re in Sofia:

Cinema city, Paradise center

Cinema city is my favorite place to see a movie in Sofia. They have other cinemas in Sofia, but the one in Paradise center is the best. The complex has 14 separate movie theaters. They offer movies in 3D, IMAX 3D, 4DX and standard 2D. All of the movie theaters onsite are equipped with Dolby Digital Surround sound.

Cinema City complex
Cinema City complex

Cinema city offers reduced price tickets in Tuesday for 3D movies and Thursday for 2D movies – half-price. You can see the programme and book or buy a ticket on their website here.

Cine Grand, Sofia Ring Mall

Located in one of the biggest malls on Sofia Ring road, this cinema complex is most famous for their TSAR lounge. This lounge is only offered in Cine Grand and it offers big cozy recliner seats, food and drink.

Cine Grand in Sofia Ring mall has 8 regular and 2 TSAR movie theaters offering 2D and 3D movies. They also schedule children parties, so it’s better to plan your visit there in the weekdays because during the weekends the cinema is packed with kids.

Arena IMAX Mladost

The Arena chain has multiple movie theaters in Sofia, but the IMAX complex is the best of them. It’s a standalone complex, not a part of a mall. They have 15 halls including IMAX, premium and VIP halls. Their facilities are relatively new and well maintained compared to the other Arena movie theaters in the city.

Arena IMAX Mladost complex
Arena IMAX Mladost complex

The Mladost location offers several fast food restaurants and popcorn area as well, which is all you can expect in a regular cinema complex. I don’t visit it often because I like to combine my movie viewing with a quick stroll of the shopping malls, but if you want to just see a movie this is your place.

Top 3 shopping malls in Sofia

Another honorable mention that I wouldn’t include in the top 3 is the Arena cinema in The Mall on 115 Tsarigradsko Shose. It’s a good place to see a movie occasionally, but the seats are a bit uncomfortable for me so I would not recommend it for a regular visit.

Which are the best cinema complexes in your city? Comment below!

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