Pictures from the street food festival in Craiova, Romania

Street food festival in Craiova cover image

Craiova’s street food festival 27 – 30 September 2018

Street food festival events are getting very popular in Europe. Lots of cities and towns now organize one or more food festivals during the year to attract tourists.

This weekend we visited Craiova in Romania and saw their food festival in the city center.

Craiova street food festival
The crowd at the Craiova street food festival

Compared to Sofia’s strEAT food festival we went to last year, Craiova’s event is by far superior. There were lots of different types of food from various countries.

Popular hotels in Sofia – some are close to the annual strEAT fest

Spanish churros

We tried the churros, which were a delicious sweet combination of corn flour, cinnamon and chocolate filling. They are a traditional Spanish food which we also tried in Barcelona.

Some of the types of food served there were:

  • German food
  • different types of fish
  • Italian food
  • coffee shops
  • sweets shops
  • burgers booths
  • pizza shops
  • … and so much more, we wish we could have tried them all!



You can see more pictures from the food festival in the gallery below:

Food in Edirne, Turkey

Have you visited any food festivals? What were your impressions? Share with us below!




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