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Best sightseeing place near Skotina beach, Greece

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One-day trip to Platamon castle, Northern Greece

Greece is mostly visited because of its wonderful beaches, but the country is so much more than that. Greece is a place of ancient history so if you have the time, there’s a lot of sightseeing you can do.

How to get there

Platamon castle is very close to several beach resorts and a 30 minute drive from the city of Katerini. The easiest way to go reach the castle regardless of where in Northern Greece you are would be by car.

On the map above I have marked the rest stop where you can park your car. After that, there’s a short 10 minute walk uphill to get to the entrance of the castle. The climb, if you can call it that is easy and little children or elders should have no problem visiting.

If you want to use other means of transportation, you can use the regular train Thessaloniki – Larissa and get off at Neoi Poroi. This is about 7 km south from the castle. You can get a cab from Neoi Poroi to the castle or check the local buses.

If you want to check the trains, I’ve written before about how fast and convenient the Thessaloniki – Larissa line is here. The timetable of the trains is here.

Why you should go?

Yes, if you have the time you should definitely visit the castle. My reasons to go there are:

  • amazing views – this is an absolute must see place, you will be amazed how beautiful the nature is
  • you get some history if you’re interested in sightseeing
  • the entrance fee is just 2 EUR
  • you will get some exercise as well
  • you can go to the beach after you visit the castle, it’s very close-by

The view from the castle cannot be described in words. I will let you judge for yourself how beautiful the place is.

We went to see the castle in the afternoon and there were no people besides us there. It’s usually not crowded whenever you go so you can take your time and make beautiful pictures. It’s a great place for children too!

After the castle visit, we went down to the beach and had lunch – there’s a nice little Greek restaurant close-by which serves huge portions of very delicious food.

The food there is good and well-priced, so you can stop there for some refreshment and to see the beach.

Have you been to Platamon castle? What were your impressions? Share and comment below!

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