3 easy steps to use Ryanair fare finder for cheap flights

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Finding cheap hidden flights with Ryanair

As I have written before, I like flying cheap so I am always on the lookout for budget flights. Ryanair is one of the companies I fly with because they often give out cheap tickets to good destinations.

How to use Ryanair fare finder in 3 easy steps

1. Navigate to the home page of Ryanair and select Plan – Fare finder from the menu on the top.

Step 1 Ryanair farefinder

This will take you to the next page, where you can enter specifics for your search.

2. Select your origin airport / city, your destination and your preferred price. I like to select anywhere, if I don’t have a specific place in mind so I can see all cheap outbound flights from my country.

Step 2 Ryanair farefinder

Other search criteria are not available here, but don’t worry – you will be able to enter specifics in the next step! Click Let’s go and proceed to our next step.

3. On this page you can now see outbound flights to the selected destination (in my case, anywhere) within the budget you want.

step 3 ryanair farefinder

As you can see, now we have more options in order to narrow down our search. You can select the fly out time, fly back time in dates or date range. Also, you can select a specific trip type, however I don’t use this option and would not advise you to do it.

You will notice that you are not given the option to select number of travelers so far. This is an inconvenience and you have to keep in mind that the prices are for one ticket only.

Select your ideal underseat bag for Ryanair with our advice!

If you proceed with your selection and start the flight booking process, you will be given the option later in the pages to select more than one ticket.

Have you used Ryanair fare finder? Share and comment below!

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