Accommodation for visiting Kapana – art street fest in Plovdiv, Europe’s oldest inhabited city

Accommodation for visiting Kapana - art street fest in Plovdiv, Europe's oldest inhabited city cover photo

Did you know that Plovdiv, Bulgaria is the oldest inhabited city in all Europe? No? Me neither. Let’s take a look at Plovdiv and its yearly street fest Kapana.

Similar to Rome, Plovdiv sits on seven hills, however the Bulgarian city is far more ancient. Thracian people founded the city in 4000 B.C. while Rome was founded in 753 BC. You didn’t expect that now, did you!  Very old and very beautiful, Plovdiv was home to different civilizations over the course of thousands of years and is still inhabited. It’s the second largest city in Bulgaria and an important commercial center.

Plovdiv Roman Stadium

Part of the Roman stadium in Plovdiv

However, today I’d like to tell you about my experience in modern Plovdiv. Their yearly fest Kapana, named after the district it occupies, has recently gained media popularity. I decided to make a one-day trip there to see what the fuss is all about.

together Plovdiv European capital of culture

Turns out, Kapana fest is not your typical Bulgarian fest with lots of food and drinks and little else. This is actually an art fest. Kapana is a a whole district near the center of the city which is engulfed by the street fest. There are lots of street merchants selling curious goods and little cafes with European atmosphere.

dancing people in Kapana fest

What I found most curious were people dancing on the street over the sounds of music. There were authentic Bulgarian spices, herbs and honey, also drinks and craft beer. The purpose of the event is to bring festive atmosphere and allow people to display their art and goods.

Where to stay if you want to visit Kapana fest

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1. Hotel Evmolpia

This hotel is in the heart of the old city of Plovdiv. Luxurious and comfortable, the hotel is a great pick location-wise. Prices are decent, they charge ~50 EUR per room.

2. Hotel & SPA Imperial

Imperial is a lovely hotel with a great SPA center not far from downtown Plovdiv and all landmarks. The hotel is exquisite and the SPA is a dream. Their prices are a little steep though – around 80 EUR and more per room. However, you do get value for your money here.

3. Hotel Odeon

Odeon is in the very heart of Plovdiv, right in the city center. The old town is also walking distance. This is a family hotel, so it offers more budget-friendly options. That does not mean it’s cheap-looking though. The rooms are nicely furnished and clean with everything you need. There’s also a restaurant onsite.

4. Hotel Ostrova

Ostrova is a hotel complex in the Western district of Plovdiv, far from the noise of the city. The complex features outside pool, spa center and nicely furnished rooms. Prices are reasonable – ~46 EUR per room.

5. Hotel Aqualand

Aqualand is a hotel with a huge water park. It’s far from the city center, in the Eastern district. The best thing about this hotel are the wonderful water attractions and pools and the luxurious rooms. All this comes at the lovely price of ~40 EUR per room. Now that’s a deal!

Have you been to Plovdiv? Would you visit Kapana fest and see all the landmarks? Share your experience and opinion with us!

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