How I climbed the Milan cathedral

Climb to the terraces of the Milan Duomo cathedral

If you’ve ever considered going to Milan, you must have heard or seen pictures of the famous Duomo cathedral. The most popular attraction in Milan, it gathers thousands of people each month.

The cathedral is located in the very heart of the city next to the Milan palace. You can see how to reach the cathedral by public transport in my article here.

Since the cathedral is so popular, the queues of people wanting to get in are so long it’s nearly impossible if you haven’t bought tickets in advance. I didn’t buy tickets so unfortunately I had to wait if I wanted to get in.

However, there is a trick – if you go less than an hour before closing time, there are almost no people waiting in line. So I arrived at 6:30 p.m. The last entry for the cathedral already passed, but I had time until the closing hour for the terraces. You can check the admissions and fees here.

Milan cathedral steps

The ticket office is located on the right side of the cathedral, across the street. Once I got my 9 EUR ticket for the stairs to the roof terrace, I ran back to the cathedral stair entry, which is on the left side next to the metro stop. There is an elevator option as well, which I did not choose.

The climb was about 4 minutes in a quick step as I wanted to get as much time on the top as possible. Once you get up, the views are beautiful. Sadly, there is renovation going on which blocks some sections of the rooftop and the view is affected as well.

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In the gallery above you can see the View from the top towards the palace and the mall. In a clear day like this one, you can see the skyline of Milan from atop the cathedral. The Gothic architecture is even more impressive from up close.

I will share more details from our Northern Italy trip soon!

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