Visiting Thessaloniki and Katerini region – my gallery

My short photo gallery of the region around Thessaloniki and Katerini

I have visited the city of Thessaloniki couple of times already and it is definitely one of my favorite places to visit in the summer. Thessaloniki definitely has its Greek charm and is one of the most visited destinations in Greece in the summer.

We usually go there for a walk during summer vacations in Katerini, Asprovalta or anywhere else in the region.

Here are couple of photos of Thessaloniki, Katerini and the region around:

Korinos station
Korinos train station
coffee in Thessaloniki
Afternoon coffee in Thessaloniki

Katerini fountain
fountain in Katerini
Katerini center park
Katerin dinner
Nice dinner in cosy Katerini restaurant – summer 2018

Katerini center
Evening Katerini

Easiest way to reach Thessaloniki by train

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