Summer vacation in Paralia Katerinis – definitely worth it

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Quick travel guide for Paralia Katerinis and Olympiaki Akti


This summer we visited Greece for the first time and I personally am quite happy with how we spent our holiday in Paralia Katerinis. To start with, here are the main benefits if choosing Paralia Katerinis and Olympiaki Akti:

  • Relatively cheap – for a seaside resort in Greece you can find some great deals here (under 50 Euros per night for a double room)
  • Nice roomy beaches – there’s enough sand for everyone around  : )
  • Close to Thessaloniki – plenty to see in one of the biggest cities in Greece

 Paralia Katerinis on the map

For our five night stay we chose to stay at the 4-star hotel Mediterranean Princess. It is a very nice place to stay, definitely not the cheapest around but worth the extra money. Here is what we liked most in Mediterranean Princess hotel:

  • It is clean
  • The pool
  • Very close to the beach
  • Great breakfast
  • Cozy, nice and quiet

So, located on the Thermaic gulf Paralia Katerinis is a small holiday village with population of around 1200. It has many shops and restaurants, offering nice variety of meals and goods. During the summer it is literally flooded with tourists from Bulgaria and other parts of Eastern Europe. There are many cultural events in Parlia Katerinis throughout the summer so you won’t get bored there.

I really liked the fact that city of Thessaloniki was very close so we visited it couple of times. As I mentioned, plenty to see there – food, shops, great for walks around the sea.

Town of Katerinis is also very close, just 5-10 mins by car. What I liked most there were the candy shops and the bars as well. There were so many nice bars in the central area and city central park is also quite nice. I strongly recommend you to check the sweets offered around there, just make sure you don’t have too much off course (they were really good).

I hope we will have the chance to visit Katerini again. It is a nice summer location with plenty of accommodation options – from very cheap to pure luxury.

If all of that sounds too boring for you then check Castelldefels, Spain which will cost you a bit more.

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