Frankfurt financial city

Frankfurt – the city of finance in pictures

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Beautiful views in Frankfurt – gallery

Probably many of you have heard that the headquarters of the European Central Bank is located in Frankfurt, Germany. Actually, many say that Frankfurt is the financial capital of Europe for various different reasons – international trade fairs located at the Messe Frankfurt, one of the biggest Airports in Europe, many financial institutions and companies located in the city and the area.

We have visited Frankfurt multiple times and we should say it is not only a great financial center but also a very beautiful city. Located on the bank of the Main river it offers generous recreational outdoor space and of course beautiful views.

Here is just a tiny bit of what we’ve captured in Frankfurt with the help of Banda Photo and Digital and the fantastic Panasonic Lumix GX9 camera:

Frankfurt city is growing each day

We were impressed with the building progress of skyscrapers in Frankfurt. Well, they are not as high as what we are used to see in Asia these days but comparing to some 10 years ago we can say Frankfurt’s skyline is changing vastly.

Center of Frankfurt
Frankfurt center – shopping malls

The center of the city is crowded, especially in the summer when you can see some street art (music, dancing, painting and more) which makes it even more lively. There are also couple of big shopping centers including the one on the picture above – Galeria mall.


Streets of Frankfurt
Streets in Frankfurt at night
Frankfurt architecture
German architecture in an evening Frankfurt building

Frankfurt streets are beautiful in the evening when the German architecture pops out under the street lights.

Frankfurt am Main
Main river crossing Frankfurt
Frankfurt ship
Small cruise ship floating on Main in Frankfurt in the evening

Evening view over the Main river in Frankfurt and a small cruise ship floating graciously in the evening.

Frankfurt Zoo

During our stay we also visited the popular Frankfurt Zoo which hosts hundreds of different animals. Here are just some of them:

Frankfurt Zoo Giraffes
Giraffes at the Frankfurt Zoo
pink flamingos
Pink flamingos at the Frankfurt Zoo
Frankfurt zoo seal
Not sure, we believe this is a seal… might be something else though

Seals Frankfurt

Well, this is most of what we wanted to show you from Frankfurt. With literally hundreds of unedited pictures from the German city on Main I think we will expand this photo gallery shortly. We hope to visit Frankfurt in 2020 as well… or any time soon.

We visited the 2019 IAA motor show in Frankfurt (at Frankfurt Messe) where we also took some pictures and videos:

Feel free to share with us your impressions with the city of Frankfurt. Do you believe it is mostly a financial center or a tourist destination that is worth visiting?

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