First time trip to the Vatican – popular places to see

Saint Peter's Basilica

Why you should visit the Vatican

I’ve dreamt of visiting the Vatican for years since I read Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons. The history of the place and recent popularity in the media gather tourists all around the world.

After considering our options, we decided to forgo the beaches for a little while. Instead, we took a summer vacation in an unlikely place – Rome. Let me tell you, it was the right choice!


St. Peter’s Square

On day 1 from our 7-day trip to Rome, we visited the Vatican’s famous St. Peter’s Square. Unfortunately we did not have a chance to enter the Basilica as the line of tourists was hundreds of meters long.

St. Angelo’s Castle

After St. Peter’s Square, we went to see the infamous Castel di Sant’Angelo. Did you know – there’s a legend that Saint Angelo’s castle is connected to Saint Peter’s Basilica through an inderground tunnel? Legend goes that the tunnel was used by popes and priests to sneak in the castle unnoticed.

St. Angelo's Castle
Castel di Sant’Angelo

Housing in Rome

When planning our trip to Rome, we noticed an interesting facts. In Rome, bed and breakfasts are much more popular and available than hotels. Not to mention, they are a lot more budget-friendly as well. After reviewing for a few days, we chose to stay in Romoletto. This is a small bed and breakfast establishment very near to the Vatican – around 20 min walk to St Peter’s basilica. The host speaks perfect English and they offer good breakfast and clean rooms. They cleaned our room every day and were friendly and helpful so this is definitely a place I would recommend!

 Top 3 reasons why Rome is not overrated destination

Read about our visit to the Vatican museums in Part II!


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