Finding parking near Sofia airport

Finding parking near Sofia airport cover photo

Where to park around Sofia airport

The Bulgarian capital Sofia is a growing business center in Eastern Europe. In latest years, flights to and from Sofia are increasing along with the number of people who live and work in the Bulgarian capital. Sofia is now the busiest airport in Bulgaria with over 5 million passengers a year.

If you choose to reach the airport with your personal or rental car, you’ll need a safe place to park close by. There are several places around Sofia airport where you can park.

Park and Fly

Price table

Park and Fly have two parking lots close to the airport. Their prices are affordable, but you have to check them onsite for most up to date info.

Location #1 of Park and Fly close to Terminal 1

The second location of Park and Fly is not yet officially added to Google Maps but it’s ready to use.

Paid parking lots near various office buildings

There are multiple office buildings close to Sofia Airport. Since the parking options are limited for the employees working there, they’ve built several paid parking lots. Most of them charge either by hour or day. Weekly or monthly rates can also be negotiated onsite.


Office buildings near the airport

In the map below I’ll show you some of the parking lots close to the airport that I know and that can be used for a fee.

Option 1 – close to DHL office building

Option 2 – close to Sofia Airport Center office building

Street parking around the office buildings – Nova TV office and Sofia Airport Center

Street parking can be found near the offices of Nova TV, Mazda and Sofia Airport center for free. It’s usually busy, but after business hours a parking spot can always be found. However, there are no guarantees that you will find your car in the state you left it. If you’re gone for more than a couple of days, I would not advise you to use street parking.

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