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Cheapest way for transportation in Sofia, Bulgaria

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Saving big time on transportation is not a mission impossible in Bulgarian capital Sofia

To begin with Sofia is far from the best organised cities in Europe. Traffic can be often a mess and jams are usually causing huge issues in local transportation. But there fast and cheap ways to go around Sofia and today we will focus on couple of them.


Subway in Sofia is pretty new and it is one of the quickest way to cross the city. Unfortunately the subway is still in development and it is just few areas of the city that are covered for now. Thankfully the airport and the main stations have their own stops so most visitors will find it convenient at the price of 1.60 leva (around 0.85 Euros/$1).

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No, unfortunately Uber is not available in Sofia. It got banned some time ago.


Taxi in Sofia is not an expensive way for transportation but only if you pick up the right company. There are many scam taxis in Sofia so beware.

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Other public transport

Buses and other ways of transportation are also available also at the price of 1.60 leva (around 0.85 Euros/$1) but these can be a bit more time consuming and confusing sometimes, especially if you are not local.

Rent a car

Renting a car is still not very convenient and cheap way to go around Sofia so I would not recommend it in case you are first-time visitors.

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