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Bus to Bergamo airport

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Getting from Bergamo Airport to the town of Bergamo

  • Bus number 1 or 1A
  • Runs every 30 minutes
  • Runs during the night too
  • Route: from the airport – train station – city center – Funicolar station – upper (old) town
  • Stops close to Best Western and San Marco hotels
  • Ticket price: 2 EUR

Bus 1 is a city network bus that links passengers from the airport to the town of Bergamo and back. It goes from Bergamo airport (bus stop is in front of the airport entrance) to Bergamo train station situated in Piazza Marconi. It then proceeds to the city center then onto the Funicolar station and then up to the upper / old town ‘Città Alta’. The ride is around 20 minutes from airport to the center.

Ex Church of Sant’Agostino and Fara in Bergamo
Ex Church of Sant’Agostino and Fara in Bergamo – one of the places where bus 1 stops at the old town

The bus does not have a separate luggage compartment, so you have to carry the luggage on the bus with you.

Important! Make sure to ask the driver if the bus stops at the airport, as some of them don’t! The buses that run to the airport from Bergamo usually have a picture of a plane or have the word Aeroporto displayed on the front of the bus.

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The bus runs every 30 minutes from 6am – midnight. After midnight, the bus runs every hour or so.


You can buy a ticket before boarding the bus at one of the kiosks at the airport or the machine near the bus stop. Sometimes the driver will also carry tickets, but they will be more expensive.
If you want to buy tickets in Bergamo you can buy it from Bergamo train station, a couple of newsagents and the ATB office in Largo Porta Nuova. The price is 2 EUR.

When you get on the bus, validate the ticket by inserting it into one of the small machines. If you don’t validate it means the ticket has not been used.

Bergamo bus 1 is a cheap and efficient way of getting to and from the airport and also around the city itself.

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