Visiting Vidin, Bulgaria

Vidin Bulgaria

Vidin region – a must place when you plan your next trip in Bulgaria

Probably it is just a few of you who had heard of the city of Vidin, Bulgaria. Well, to begin with that is small city on the bank of the Danube river in the North-West part of the country.

It is close to the Romanian and Seribian borders as well. Not to waste more of your time, here are just few of the top points of interest in the Vidin region:

  • Baba Vida castle – one of the few castles in Bulgaria. Located right on the Danube river it opens to amazing views of the river and the whole region in general.
  • The Magura cave – one of the biggest and most interesting caves in Bulgaria is just a short 15-minute drive from the city of Vidin. It is really a big cave, so make sure to spare some 2-3 hours for the walk inside and around the Rabisha lake which is nearby.
  • New Europe bridge – the largest bridge on the whole Danube river (not only in Bulgaria) is located right next to Vidin. It connects Bulgaria and Romania and is a major transit connection for Eastern Europe (the busy roads around Vidin (E72) are one of the downsides of the region).
  • Belogradchik rocks – another popular tourist destination in Vidin region. The town of Belogradchik is less than 30 minute drive from Vidin but once you get there… you will be presented to some stunning views over the red Belogradchik rocks which look quite unique for those who see them for the first time.
Vidin Danube
Danube River at Vidin
Vidin night views
Vidin in the evening

There are so many places of interest and locations around Vidin but we don’t want to overwhelm you with too much travel info. One advice for all who are planning a trip to Vidin – make sure to take a walk around the city, take some beautiful photos of the city center, check the Danube park and eat at a local restaurant (on a boat or those close to the shore), you will love it.


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