Visiting Balchik, Bulgaria in 2020

balchik 2020

Located on the Bulgarian coast of Black sea Balchik is an amazing alternative for your summer vacation

It is 2020, probably one of the most challanging years in modern history. Still, many people prefer to find a way to make it through the days at an interesting locations.

Of course staying safe and healthy remains the most important aspect of our day-to-day life and we should stay cautious for risks related to COVID-19 virus.

So, we visited Balchik, Bulgaria in the summer of 2020 and we have to admit we were quite pleasantly surprised. We haven’t visited this place for many years and it has change a lot since then.

Main coast street of Balchik – full of hotels, bars and restaurants

One of the big differences we notices is the main coast area, located next to the beach. The main street there is fully renovated and unlike some other Bulgarian resorts the architecture was done in a modern European style.

On this same street one can enjoy so many different restaurants and bars that you will need to spend at least a week in Balchik in order to test at least half of them.

Balchik coast in the morning - sun, sea and boats
Sun, sea and boats… beautiful morning in Balchik

Where to stay in Balchik

During our trip we stayed at two different hotels – White House Family Hotel and Bisser Hotel. These two places couldn’t be more different…

While the White House was modern, interestingly designed and in the heart of the tourist area, the Bisser Hotel was much more remote and old-school looking. There was a significant price difference in favor of Bisser – at the price of under 30 Euros it was one of the cheaper options in Balchik. It still had nice features like free parking spots and outdoor pool. It was also located very close to the popular Botanical garden in Balchik which you should definitely check during your stay there.

Places of interest in the region

As we already mentioned one of the interesting places to visit is the local Botanical garden which is one of the very old tourist attractions in Balchik for many years now.

And if you are keen on playing golf then you will definitely love Balchik. There are two very good golf courses in the region – Lighthouse Golf and Thracian Cliffs Golf. They both offer some amazing sea views and nicely designed golf-courses (especially valid for the Thracian Cliffs course which also hosts some big international tournaments).

Thracian cliffs
Some amazing views from the Thracian cliffs golf course

Albena is another interesting place which is quite close to Balchik. Albena is a closed-type resort which was protected from the crazy construction years in Bulgaria and kept its old charm from the 70s and 80s when the country was part of the Soviet block.

The closest big cities in the area are Varna and Dobrich. Both are located some 30 minute drive from Balchik. Varna is still one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria, hosting many international tourists in the summer.

Well, this was our short recap of our trip to Balchik and the northern Black sea coast. Please let us know what are your thoughts about this region, have you visited any of the places we mentioned above?

Note: For the images in this post we used the old and trusted Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which still has one of the best smartphone cameras in 2020.

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