Vidin – best places to visit in Bulgaria

Vidin Bulgaria

Vidin is an exciting city in North Bulgaria that will surprise you with its rich history and high-end cuisine

If you are interested in visiting the Balkans and more specifically Bulgaria, then you should definitely consider Vidin region. Located on the bank of Danube river it sits there quietly for hundred of years. Its rich history left traces everywhere you look in the city – from the ancient Baba Vida fortress through the churches, monuments and old but preserved buildings.

We have already visited Vidin many times but still there are places where we need to spend more time and just a few more restaurants that we haven’t tested.

During the summer of 2020 Vidin hosted lots of different events – from boat sailing in the Danube through many national folk dancing fests. Food and wine tasting was of course a part of couple of events. Actually, we took part in one of the “Wine and Bike” bike events where you browse different wineries in Belogradchik area (some 30 minutes drive from Vidin) and try different local wines for free.

Here is a short video of the event, enjoy the beautiful views over the Belogradchik rocks:

Bike and wine tour around Belogradchik

And to get a better idea how the city of Vidin looks like in the evening, I am uploading some beauty shots of different objects there:

Vidin is also popular with its… cats. Yes, most residents here love their cats and Vidin streets often host some beautiful cats:

Cats in Vidin

Of course one of the most visited objects in Vidin is the old Baba Vida fortress (some call it a castle). Here is a bird-eye view of this beautiful structure so you can get an all-around tour:

Baba Vida fortress in Vidin

I will not take much of your time and tell you more about the history of this building, there is enough said already and it is all accessible by a quick Google search.

I hope that these beautiful views will convince you that Vidin is really one of the “must visit” places in Bulgaria and on the Balkans in general.

Bridge Vidin – Calafat – the longest on Danube river

If you plan to visit Vidin and you need more information about the region, please drop me a message in the comments below, I would be happy to share more info and points of interest in the region (like the Magura cave and the Rabisha lake).

You can also find more about Vidin in one of our earlier summaries of the place.

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