Top 3 clothing stores in Sofia, Bulgaria

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List of  favorite budget-friendly popular clothing brands in Sofia, rated by availability and quality

SVEYO Places is about sharing favorite places and locations of all kind. That is why today we decided to take a closer look at some fashion stores in Sofia which is one of the most popular shopping locations in Eastern Europe.

The capital of Bulgaria – Sofia is the country’s most populated city with over 2 million residents. Businesses have growing demand for IT specialists and Sofia is aspiring to deliver. As a centralized hub for many industries, Sofia also offers many shopping opportunities. It has some of the biggest malls in Eastern Europe.

I have selected a list of my favorite retailers based on the price, quality and available stores in Sofia. I visit them often when I’m in Sofia and need to get a new piece for my wardrobe.

  1. Peek & Cloppenburg

Where to find this store in Sofia:

Serdika Center

The Mall

First off, this is not the most budget-friendly store and it’s available in only two malls in Sofia. However, the quality of the clothes is superior to all other street retailers. Peek and Cloppenburg offer many brands, including some affordable ones such as Review, s.Oliver and McNeal. They also carry top quality brands such as Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld and others. They often house big sales, mainly on man’s fashion and that’s when you can buy an expensive item for a really good price.

Why you should shop here:

  • top brands – expensive and budget

  • frequent sales and promotions

  • higher quality fabrics


  • only two malls in Sofia house this store

  • high prices if no ongoing promotion

2. Zara

Where to find this store in Sofia:

  • Serdika Center

  • Paradise Mall

  • The Maill

  • 1 Vitosha Blvd.

Zara is a well-known budget-friendly brand available worldwide. Their regular prices are okay and they often have sale items or a store-wide sale. I like their ladies jeans and pants, also they cater good perfumes. Their kid’s section is probably what I like most about this store – they offer lots of variety. However, their quality could be improved and their prices for some items (e.g. coats and jackets) are absurd compared to the quality.

Why you should shop here:

  • most items are very well priced

  • frequent sales and promotions

  • good kids’ section

  • several shops available as well as an online store


  • lower quality fabrics

  • some items are too expensive compared to quality

3. H&M

Where to find this store in Sofia:

  • Serdika Center

  • The Mall

  • Paradise Mall

  • Bulgaria Mall

  • Mega Mall

  • 101 Alexander Stalboliyski Blvd.

  • 6 Vitosha Blvd.

H&M is a very popular cheap high street retailer available worldwide. They have many stores in Sofia, which makes finding the brand very easy. They’re mostly known for their prices and range of clothes – from business casual to everyday casual options. They mostly cater for women and men’s options are a bit limited but still available. They offer a good kids’ section too. However, keep in mind that their fabrics are low quality and tend to wear thin after a few washes. Their jeans also get very loose and worn out after a couple of months.

Why you should shop here:

  • good prices on all items

  • frequent sales and promotions

  • big kids’ section

  • multiple shops available as well as an online store


  • low quality fabrics on most items

  • need careful washing otherwise fabric wears thin

Where do you shop clothes when you’re in Sofia? Have you visited any of those popular brands? Share and comment below!

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