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Is this politically correct… ask Google Translate

Translating from Bulgarian to Macedonian returns some “funny” results in Google Translate

A very interesting story goes around the web these days and it is related to some “fun” relations on the Balkans. After Donald Trump got hit by a Google bombing with the keyword Idiot, it was time for something different.

In this case it comes from Google Translate, a translating service that many people around the world are using. If a user sets their preferences to be translating from Bulgarian to Macedonian and you type in Bulgarian the phrase “I am at home” Google will return Macedonian result saying “we are at Bulgaria” (as shown in the image below).

Google Translate results
Interesting Google Translate results when translating from Bulgarian to Macedonian

This story comes in a time when discussion about the existence of genuine Macedonian language. Currently most people claim it is just a Bulgarian dialect rather than a separate language.


We will definitely monitor the development of the story and keep you updated if anything changes at Google Translate results when translating from Bulgarian to Macedonian.


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