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Bulgaria is popular with its beautiful girls and nice shopping malls (not only in Sofia)

girls in Bulgaria
Bulgarian girls are beautiful

Bulgaria is a beautiful country and so are Bulgarian girls and women. The natural beauty of Bulgarian ladies is popular worldwide and that is no surprise to anyone in the region.

Girls in Sofia

If you take a quick walk at any of the popular Sofia shopping malls you will see hundreds of good looking Bulgarian girls. Well, some of them may look a bit strange due to questionable outfit or facial tuning but most of the women around there are naturally pretty. Even those with cheap clothing and less make up are attractive in its own way. And don’t get me wrong, we are not promoting Bulgarian beauty and their girls in general but it is just worth mentioning facts that are not so well known in all parts of the world.


Here are my top 5 reasons to visit Bulgaria:

  • Unbelievable variety of nature beauty – extremely rich flora and fauna
  • Cheap and delicious food
  • Cheap goods
  • Beautiful girls
  • Mixed architecture – both modern and socialism like

You may find girls in Sofia particularly young and beautiful because of the fact that most of the big Bulgarian universities are located here. There are literally tens of thousands of student girls that moved to Sofia to get their higher education. Of course going to a bar in Sofia will definitely give you the opportunity to meet fine looking and attractive Bulgarian ladies which are also educated (they came here to study after all).

Girls at the Bulgarian seaside

If you travel in Bulgaria you should definitely check their seaside at the eastern part of the country where the Black sea is located. At the nice sandy beaches there you can definitely meet a lot of beautiful Bulgarian girls, especially if you go to destinations like Sunny beach, Sozopol, Varna or Burgas.

Ladies in Plovdiv

Plovidv girls are well known for their beauty. The ancient Tracian city is host for many college students not only from Bulgaria. Of course beautiful girls can be seen in any of the three Plovdiv malls as well as at the city clubs at the center.

Girls in Bansko

Bansko is the most popular winter resort in Bulgaria. There are many hotels, bars and restaurants there and in the Razlog area. It is pretty nice to see beautiful mountain views over there but also the pretty Bulgarian girls are a big driver for visiting this winter resort.


Bulgaria is a beautiful country that you should definitely visit for so many reasons. Meeting beautiful girls there is one of them but please make sure to keep your manners, Bulgaria is a EU members and rude attitude and disrespectful behavior are not tolerated, just like it should be.

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