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Beautiful views near the Danube in Vidin

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Winter in Vidin happens to be quite sunny in 2020

We love to travel and we do travel a lot. We travel for different purposes… for pleasure, work related and more. Today we have a quick stop at Vidin, Bulgaria where we took couple of beautiful winter photos near Baba Vida fortress and the Danube river.

Vidin is a beautiful ancient town with lots to see there – historical monuments and museums, mix of modern and old architecture and some lovely restaurants like Riviera and Fish & Grill Dunava. But please don’t be mistaken – it is a town in Bulgaria.
So despite its rich history you can also “enjoy” dirty streets full of badly parked cars, unfriendly people (or dogs, lots of aggressive dogs around) or just meet Winnetou’s relatives riding a horse through the streets. Vidin is also one of the popular Bulgarian towns where you can get beaten for no reason, so think twice before you go get yourself drunk in the local pubs or disco.

And here are the beautiful moments we managed to capture few days ago:

Danube Vidin
Danube river at Vidin


Vidin boat
Vidin ships docked


Vidin views
Vidin views near Baba Vida fortress

If you think you might be interested in this Bulgarian town please check our Visiting Vidin post.  And if you are ready to travel a bit further and cross the Bulgarian/Romanian border we would recommend you to visit the city of Craiova, Romania.

Those lovely pictures above were taken with the help of Samsung Galaxy A50 which has a pretty decent triple rear camera.

To experience the full beauty of Vidin’s streets and historical monuments we would recommend you to check the professional Street photography in Vidin gallery.

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