Biggest shopping malls in Bulgaria

Biggest shopping malls in Bulgaria cover photo

Bulgaria’s biggest shopping malls, ranked

Four out of the five largest shopping centers in the country are located in the capital Sofia, with the fifth being in Varna, also called the sea capital of Bulgaria

1. Paradise Mall, Sofia

This mall is a so-called lifestyle mall, located close to an expensive residential area in the city. The mall includes 80 000 sq. m. total retail floor area. Paradise mall features the best cinema in Sofia, two big restaurants (Mr. Pizza and Happy), bowling and recreation area and lots of retail brands. Some of the popular stores include Zara, H&M, New Yorker, Puma, Orange bookstore, Adidas and much more.

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The visitors can use 1 900 parking spaces separated in two levels. The mall is also connected to the local metro station which makes it very convenient to reach via the subway.

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2. Ring Mall, Sofia

This is the last big trade center, opened in Sofia. It is located on the Sofia Ring road, close to IKEA. The mall has 69 000 sq. m. retail floor area and features Cine Grand cinema. Victoria restaurant is also available for the visitors, as well as a good food court. This is one of my favorite malls as I like to take a walk in IKEA and be close to the mall at the same time.

Top 3 shopping malls in Sofia, Bulgaria

3. The Mall

The Mall is located on Tsarigarsko shosse, one of the biggest boulevards in the capital. Just 5 km from the city center, the mall offers 66 000 sq. m. retail floor area, 2 800 parking spaces and another cinema brand – Arena.

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This is one of the older malls, opened in spring 2010. Until a few years back, the mall featured a huge supermarket Carrefour, which is now closed.

4. Serdika center

My personal favorite mall for shopping purposes is Serdika. Opened in 2010, the mall showcases 51 000 sq. m. of retail area. However, this area is almost all dedicated to stores. The mall has no cinema or big restaurants, only a food court and several small coffee shops, one of which is Starbucks. The rest of the 51 000 sq. m. area is dedicated to various retail brands.

The reason I like this mall so much is precisely because it’s dedicated to shopping. I’ve always been able to find whatever I need without overcrowding due to people visiting for entertainment only.

5. Grand Mall Varna

This is the largest mall in Bulgaria located outside of Sofia. It features more than 150 stores and a food court on 50 000 sq. m. retail area. It offers a cinema and 1700 parking spaces to its visitors.

Have you visited any of these malls? What were your impressions?

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