Belogradchik rocks – top tips to plan your visit

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Plan your visit to Belogradchik rocks with us!

The Belogradchik rocks are a unique rock formation in the town of Belogradchik, north-western Bulgaria. The rocks are famous for a reason – shaped like castle walls, the rocks formation is also known as the Belogradchik fortress. In late medieval centuries, an actual castle wall was built around the rocks. Nowadays they are well-preserved and guarded so we can keep them in shape for future generations.

How to get there

Town of Belogradchik is in north-western Bulgaria, 50 km south of Vidin and 170 km north of Sofia. The town is close to European route E79 so you can easily travel by car. The closest airport is in Sofia. The Belogradchik rocks are 1 km from the town center, most of which is a climb up. You can park your car in the town and climb up to the castle or you can go all the way up by car. The roads are paved and in good condition if you don’t want to walk.

There’s a small entrance fee for the fortress of EUR 3. After you pay, you enter the castle wall through the gate and begin your short climb to the rocks.

The rocks of Belogradchik inside the castle ‘wall’ forming the heart of the castle

The rocks formation that makes the ‘heart’ of the castle is situated higher than the actual castle wall. To get there, you have to climb up the rocky path, but there are iron ladders or stairs caved in the stone. It’s an easy climb, I saw elder women as well as children going up. Once you’re up inside the rocks formation, the views of the land and the other sediments are breathtaking.

Closer view of the central rock formation

Views from above

Accomodation near Belogradchik rocks

You can book your stay in Belogradchik with a 10% discount! Follow our instructions here!

1. Hotel Skalite

Our top pick hotel Skalite is situated in the town center. It offers an outside pool, spa, confortable rooms and great views to the castle that you can enjoy. Prices are very good too.

2. Villa Albacita

You will enjoy Villa Albacita, which is located outside the town of Belogradchik, ~1 km from the fortress. It offers nature views, tranquility and comfortable rooms. You will also like the afforadble prices and closeness to the town.

3. Family hotel The Rocks

If you look for a budget place, the Rocks is a cheap family hotel in the town center which offers modestly convenient accomodations at a very good price. The place is decent and you will enjoy the views. They also have a restaurant onsite.



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