Bansko, Bulgaria – not only a winter destination

Is Bansko, Bulgaria great place for ski vacation or is it equally good in the summer season?

On our way to Greece, we decided to make a stop in Bulgaria before arriving to the beaches of Asprovalta. We selected Bansko due to multiple reasons, – the closeness to Bulgarian – Greek border, beautiful nature, mountain landscape and good choice of luxury hotels with nice outdoor pools.

Accomodation in Bansko

We’ve been in Bansko before and are fairly familiar with the choice of hotels in the center of the resort. This time we selected a hotel complex which is 8 km outside the resort, close to the golf course Pirin and Golf Spa. We wanted a good view of the nature, relaxing environment without the noise of the resort center. A big pool and spa center was also in the must have list.

Our hotel lived up to our expectations. Redenka Palace Hotel, where we stayed, is a large complex of a big hotel building and multiple villas situated on the main road to Bansko. The hotel has a big outside pool and an inside spa with a swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, massage rooms, fitness center.

We would rate the hotel 8 of 10 due to small inconveniences, like lack of bathrobes and colder than comfortable outside pool. The inside pool was also a bit too deep for leisure use. Other than that, we were happy with the place we chose. The complex is very green, has an onsite restaurant, tennis grounds, a small football field and a pool cafe-bar.

The villas

The outside pool


The resort

Bansko is primarily a winter destination – a good place to ski, snowboard or just ride the lift and play in the snow. Many of the hotels have spa centers with hot mineral pools to enjoy in the cold weather.

However, Bansko can be a good place to stay in the summer too. It’s situated in the mountain of Pirin and it’s cooler in the summer. It offers very beautiful landscapes. It’s perfect for families who would prefer to stay out of the beaches and cool down in the mountains. Close by is the city of Razlog where you can go shopping if you prefer to make your own meals. If not, the center of Bansko is full of restaurants,  and smaller places to have lunch or dinner or simply relax. Bansko has a night life as well, there are bars that are open both summer and winter.

Views from our hotel complex Redenka

Views from our hotel complex Redenka

Although a primarily winter destination, Bansko can be a beautiful place to chill in the summer. The resorts are full and you will get good service and luxury spa hotels for a very cheap price. Our one-night stay was less than 25 EUR, which is a price no other spa destination in Europe can match. It included breakfast buffet too!

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