Top 5 reasons why you should plan your next summer vacation in Bulgaria

Top 5 reasons why you should plan your next summer vacation in Bulgaria cover photo

Have you ever thought to plan your summer vacation in Bulgaria? Yes, me neither. But you should. Find out why below.

You will probably wonder why you should bother visiting the Bulgarian riviera. After all, Greece and Turkey to the south and Albania to the west have much bigger beaches and would make better destinations. Let me show you why you should take a step back and consider Bulgaria after all.

1. Hotels and services

No other country in South-Eastern Europe can compare to Bulgarian and Turkish hotels and services that are offered. On the seaside or in the mountains, Bulgaria has surprizingly luxurious hotels and complexes. You can find huge close-type complexes that offer luxury, style, peace and comfort along with SPA services. Bulgaria is similar to Turkey in that aspect, however the political situation makes Bulgaria the much more desired destination compared to its southern neighbour.

You will be surprised to find how affordable those places are. Holiday villages or so-called complexes are all the range on the Bulgarian riviera now. Since the competition is high, the prices are great even in high season. I will show you some of the places I have visited and can whole-heartedly recommend:

Saint Thomas holiday village

Saint Thomas is a beautiful place with its own private beach. The prices are higher than the others, but only take a look at the picture below and you will know why. They tend to charge ~60 EUR per night in high season and are almost always booked up.

Saint Thomas is situated close to Sozopol on the southern part of Bulgarian seaside. Easiest way to get there is by plane to the airport in Bourgas and rental car from there to Saint Thomas, about an hour drive or less. For more information you can take a look at their website.

Santa Marina holiday village

Santa Marina is also close to Sozopol. It is more affordable than Saint Thomas and also has a private beach. The best thing that I like about Santa Marina is the sports complex onsite and the beautiful gardens. They rent apartments for short-term vacation or long-term use. You can also buy your own apartment in this little paradise and spend all your summers there.

Santa Marina Sozopl view

Santa Marina is probably my favourite place on the Bulgarian seaside and for what they offer, their prices are great. Their gardens are amazing, they have several pools and restaurants onsite, great sports facilities also. If you want to visit more crowded areas, you can reach Sozopol within a 10 minute drive. City of Bourgas is also close, less than an hour by car.

Fort Noks properties

No, not the gold vault. You wish. Fort Noks is a property in Saint Vlas village that offers holiday rental apartments for short or long term. The apartments are fully furtnished with kitchen facilities. The properties form a closed complex with several pools and lots of green areas. The beach is also reserved only for guests of the property.

Fort Noks Sveti Vlas

This is only a small list of closed type holiday villages on the Bulgarian seaside. I can recommend these three as I have visited them all, but there are many more worth your time and money. Bulgarians sure know how to offer comfort and luxury to their guests, so I advise to take some time and browse several more properties:

  • Duni holiday village
  • Elenite holiday village
  • Russalka holiday village
  • Lighthouse golf resort
  • Riviera beach and spa

and so much more…

Don’t forget that you can book your stay at any property with 10% discount if you follow our instructions here!

2. Nature

Bulgaria is most famous for being ex-communist country. Oh, well, that and the beautiful nature the coutry has to offer. Bulgaria has a beautiful sea riviera, mountains and forests, ancient history, it’s a perfect tourist destination. Although nowadays most of the famous beach resorts are overly crowded, some places remain that offer tranquility and nature views.

If you are a fan of peaceful nature and wild beaches, then Gradina camping or Smokinya beach will be your top picks. Check them out – it’s worth it. Another wild places with virgin beaches are:

  • Karadere beach – on the northern seaside, close to town of Byala and city of Varna
  • Irakli beach – southern seaside, close to city of Bourgas
  • Silistar beach – southermost seaside, next to Turkish-Bulgarian border. There’s also a camping spot there.

Golden Sands Bulgaria

3. Entertainment

I don’t think there’s a single soul left who has not heard of the most popular beach resort in Bulgaria – Sunny beach. It is the place where most of the tourists go. That is, if they are not familiar enough with what the coutry has to offer and select to go to the most mainstream place. Of course, Sunny beach has its visitors mainly for the entertainment it offers. The place is popular for the many bars it has and the wild parties. If this is your type of thing, by all means – Sunny beach is the place for you.Cacao beach

Another Ibiza-style beach bar is the newly opened Dirty Gradina near camping Gradina, which I mentioned above.

Dirty Gradina beach Bulgaria

Besides alchohol-induced entertainment, the Bulgarian seaside is also popular for the waterparks. Almost every popular beach resort has a waterpark near it. For a fee of around EUR 12 – 15 you can spend your day in the aquapark and enjoy all kinds of water slides.

Some of the aquaparks you should look into:

  • Action Aquapark – Sunny beach
  • Aqua paradise – Nessebar
  • Aquamania – Albena
  • Aquapolis – Golden Sands

Aquapolis aquapark in Golden Sands

4. Ancient history

Bulgaria is one of the perfect tourism countries because you have it all in one place – new and luxurios, ancient and historical, seaside and beaches, mountains and winter sports.

Some of the ancient historical places you should see while you’re visiting the Bulgarian seaside are:

  • Old town of Nessebar
  • Old town of Pomorie
  • Tracian necropolis in Pomorie
  • Aladzha monastery near Varna
  • Euxinograd palace near Varna

5. The prices

Bulgaria is a very affordable destination for tourists from all around the world. Compared to Western Europe, Bulgaria’s life standard and average salary are lower, so prices are accordingly adjusted. You can spend a week on Bulgaria’s seaside and it will cost you probably less than EUR 500, food, drinks, entertainment and accommodation included. There’s no other place that can beat this price.

Food, alchohol and services are generally cheaper than most of Europe. For example, a couple can have dinner in one of the fancy Bulgarian restaurants, try national cuisine and drinks for less than EUR 25 for the whole ordeal.

Sozopol beach view sunset

Those were my top 5 reasons to spend a summer vacation in an unlikely destination – Bulgaria. Have you visited the country? What are your thoughts and experiences? Share them with us!


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