3 unpopular countries in Europe you should visit

3 unpopular countries in Europe you should visit cover photo

Tired of mainstream tourist destinations? Check out these 3 unpopular European countries for your next trip!

When people plan their vacation in Europe, most often than not they consider France, Germany, Spain or Italy. The more adventurous may visit the Netherlands, Scotland or Ireland, even Switzerland. Do you want to experience something different? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place!

These are 3 of Europe’s not so popular tourist destinations that you must visit

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1. Romania

The home of Vlad Tepes, better know as Vlad Dracula, Romania has many wonders to offer its visitors. The country is a part of the European Union, which makes travel and payments much easier. It offers great landscape, wonderful mountains and ancient history.

Most popular with its vampire legends, Romania is also a land of opposites. The beautiful nature clashes with poor towns, ancient history with modern buildings, legends of brutality with new IT centers. Here are 3 must-see places if you find yourself in Romania:

  • Bran castle, more famous as Dracula’s castle. This castle is the most visited landmark in all of Romania, mainly because it was the connected to the legend of Vlad Dracula. Although the real person Vlad Tepes behind the legend has passed through the castle, he never used it as his seat.
    Bran castle is open every day – you can check working hours and admission fees here.


The beautiful Bran castle, haunted by vampire legends

  • Peles castle is a castle in the Carpathian mountains. With its Neo-Reneissance style, the castle is one of the most beautiful in Romania. The scenery there is breath-taking, which is the reason King I Carol built it.
    You can check the working hours and admission fees of the castle here.


The beautiful Peles castle

  • Salina Turda, the salt mine in Cluj County is now a tourist attraction. Even Business Insider nominated it for the ‘coolest underground place’.
    Salina Turda is now an amusement park but it used to be the biggest salt mine in the world, built in the 17th century. I can assure you that the visit there is worth it.


Amazing view in Salina turda salt mine

2. Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the ex-Yugoslav republics. Therefore most people would pass it by thinking that this country has nothing to offer. However, you cannot be further from the truth.

The people of Slovenia have rebuilt it fully. The country now has strong democracy and stronger economy. Its ties to Western culture helped to modernize the country. It’s a part of the European Union.

If I have to describe Slovenia with a few words, I would say wild, beautiful but sophisticated. The country’s nature is amazing. The city architecture is astonishing and very Western Europe-like.

The capital – Ljubljana is the heart of the country, a cultural and financial center of Slovenia. The city is very green and beautiful, with modern architecture and historical buildings mixed together.


City of Ljubljana

3. Montenegro

Montenegro is another under-appreciated country on the Balkans. Due to being small, people often skip in in their travel plans. However, Montenegro is a truly beautiful country. The raw nature is amazing – the mountain landscapes are everywhere. The country also has a strip of the Adriatic sea and a lovely coastline.

The capital Podgorica is the biggest city in the country. The architecture of Podgorica has developed and changed a lot, turning it into a much more modern city. It’s not the typical European mixture of ancient and modern that you would expect, but it’s still worth visiting.

The most interesting place in Montenegro is Kotor. Kotor is a world heritage site, an ancient city on the Adriatic sea famous for the medieval buildings.


View to the town of Kotor on Kotor Bay

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