Visiting Thessaloniki and Katerini region – my gallery

My short photo gallery of the region around Thessaloniki and Katerini I have visited the city of Thessaloniki couple of times already and it is definitely one of my favorite places to visit in the summer. Thessaloniki definitely has its Greek charm and is one of the most visited destinations …

girls Bulgaria - featured

Girls in Bulgaria – Balkans nature beauty

Bulgaria is popular with its beautiful girls and nice shopping malls (not only in Sofia) Bulgaria is a beautiful country and so are Bulgarian girls and women. The natural beauty of Bulgarian ladies is popular worldwide and that is no surprise to anyone in the region. Girls in Sofia If …

Is this politically correct google translate results

Is this politically correct… ask Google Translate

Translating from Bulgarian to Macedonian returns some “funny” results in Google Translate A very interesting story goes around the web these days and it is related to some “fun” relations on the Balkans. After Donald Trump got hit by a Google bombing with the keyword Idiot, it was time for …

Visiting the Beautiful town of Breznik cover photo

Visiting the Beautiful town of Breznik

Weekend trip to the beautiful town of Breznik, Bulgaria Today we are heading to a small town in the western parts of Bulgaria, where plenty of beautiful views were available in the small town of Breznik. It is 50 km away from Sofia. It is located in Pernik Province and is close …

Visiting Shipka and Buzludzha, Bulgaria cover photo

Visiting Shipka and Buzludzha, Bulgaria

Plan you next weekend trip in Bulgaria and visit the amazing monuments of Shipka and Buzludzha There are so many beautiful destinations for a not very long weekend trip in Bulgaria.  This time I will share more details about one of my personal favorites – the region around village/town of …

Visiting Belogradchik in wintertime with the comfortable Opel Vectra cover photo

Visiting Belogradchik in wintertime with the comfortable Opel Vectra

Visitng Belogradchik in the winter with the comfortable Opel Vectra Few weeks ago we visited the town of Belogradchik in the north-west part of Bulgaria in the comfort of an Opel Vectra C which happened to be a great cruiser for short and not so short distances. Belogradchik is mostly …

cheapest way of transportation in sofia cover photo

Cheapest way for transportation in Sofia, Bulgaria

Saving big time on transportation is not a mission impossible in Bulgarian capital Sofia To begin with Sofia is far from the best organised cities in Europe. Traffic can be often a mess and jams are usually causing huge issues in local transportation. But there fast and cheap ways to …

Amazing nature scenery cover photo

Amazing nature scenery – video

Amazing views around the planet Earth, beautiful nature scenes Our planet is beautiful and we should always remember to take very good care of it.

Great views of Barcelona, Spain cover photo

Great views of Barcelona, Spain

Image gallery with some amazing views of Barcelona Today I am not going to talk a lot about the destination that I am sharing – Barcelona. Rather than that I am sharing a gallery with some of the best views of Barcelona. These pictures were taken during our stay in …

Sofia malls

Top 3 shopping malls in Sofia, Bulgaria

List of the best shopping malls in Sofia, Bulgaria – the biggest, the best for shopping experience and the best for entertainment The Bulgarian capital Sofia has become one of the biggest cities on the Balkans with growing population of over 2 million people. It is now the IT capital …