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What to eat in Edirne, Turkey

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Which Turkish food to try in Edirne

Edirne is a small (by Turkish standards) city near the Bulgarian border. It’s mostly famous for the Selimiye Mosque, which is the biggest on the Balkans. With a lot of sightseeing and shopping to do, any tourist will get hungry! Check out where to find the best food in Edirne below!

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Grabbing lunch or dinner

The center of Edirne offers mostly fast food places to grab a bite and go on exploring. Of course, there are many doener places where you can try the famous Turkish kebap / doener. If you want something different but also typical for Turkey, I would recommend to try lahmacun and pide. Both dishes can be made with different types of meat or cheese if you prefer.

Trying the local cuisine in Edirne
Trying the local cuisine in Edirne

Curious fact about restaurants in Turkey is that you only order the main courses and salads are brought free of charge. You can see below that we ordered 2 lahmacun, 2 pide and 1 portion of shakshouka, which had no eggs, only veggies. The server brought 2 plates of various raw vegetables as a side dish.

Keep in mind that most sour meals in Turkey are more or less hot so the salads help with that. Also, if you’re not into spicy hot food, you can order ayran to drink which helps with the spicy aftertaste.

Sweets and nuts

The center of Edirne is full of sweet shops offering traditional Turkish desserts – baklava, lokum (Turkish delight), halva and many others. It’s not uncommon to see home-made honey and nuts in the shops too.

Baklava is type of pastry with lots of sugar syrup and nuts. It’s one of the best Turkish desserts out there.

Edirne sweet shop
Baklava on display in an Edirne shop

There are tens of baklava styles, which taste almost the same, but are shaped differently. I would recommend you to mix and mach different pieces so you can try them all. It also makes for a great gift to your friends as this dessert can be stored at least for a few days before consumed.

Lokum is another popular dessert, typical for Turkey. It’s made mostly of glucose syrup, coloring and sometimes nuts or coconut shavings. It comes in lots of different shapes and sizes and is very attractive desert.

It’s usually very colorful and comes in different shapes so it will make a great gift. I typically like this dessert, however the type of lokum I bought from Edirne was very tasteless and overall not very good. I’d advise you to stick to baklava or halva.

You can check out my gallery below to see those famous Turkish desserts!



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