Visiting the Beautiful town of Breznik cover photo

Visiting the Beautiful town of Breznik

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Weekend trip to the beautiful town of Breznik, Bulgaria

Today we are heading to a small town in the western parts of Bulgaria, where plenty of beautiful views were available in the small town of Breznik. It is 50 km away from Sofia. It is located in Pernik Province and is close to the towns of Bankya and Pernik. It has 4,500 inhabitants. Villages in the municipality include Dushintsi and Velkovtsi.

Breznik, Bulgaria

This place was inhabited thousands of years ago but we will share more about its history another time. Today we couple of nice views taken in the wintertime. I would strongly recommend you to visit Breznik area in a nice sunny day, when it will be perfect for a weekend walk. The local restaurants are good and very cheap.

Breznik church
Church in Breznik 

One can also buy fresh produce from the local shops, which like the restaurants are quite cheap.

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