Visiting Shipka and Buzludzha, Bulgaria cover photo

Visiting Shipka and Buzludzha, Bulgaria

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Plan you next weekend trip in Bulgaria and visit the amazing monuments of Shipka and Buzludzha

Khadzhi Dimitar mountain peak
View from Khadzhi Dimitar mountain peak near Shipka, Bulgaria

There are so many beautiful destinations for a not very long weekend trip in Bulgaria.  This time I will share more details about one of my personal favorites – the region around village/town of Shipka, which is very close to towns of Kazanlak and Stara Zagora.  It is my favorite place to visit in the weekend for various reasons so I will make a short list, just to describe them better:

  • Amazing landscape open views of fields and mountains – there is so much to see in this region, with great views of the mountains and other natural beauties. The nice thing here is that this part of Bulgaria is not overpopulated and there are not so many hotels and guest houses. The experience here is much more different than what you get in popular holiday destinations like Bansko or Razlog for example. I think many people would appreciate the quietness when they head for the country paths around Shipka.
  • Historical background – plenty of monuments and historical places are located in the region. The Shipka and Buzludzha monuments are just two of popular ones that you should check out. But there is so much more to see, including churches, old houses, tombs and much more.
  • Great roads for cycling – this area is great for mountain biking or just regular cycling on the country roads, just beware of the drivers who do not respect cyclist as an equal part of the traffic.
  • Clean air – no need to explain that one
Buzludzha monument on the mountain peak of Khadzhi Dimitur

Visiting Belogradchik in wintertime

These are some of the most important drivers to visit the area around Shipka, Kazanlak. I am sure other people would like it for other activities like hunting, hiking or other. And that is the beauty of this region, it is calm and peaceful but one can still enjoy a lot of different activities.

Hotels and guest houses

There many places to stay overnight when visiting Shipka region. I will comment and recommend only those that I’ve personally stayed in.

Hotel Edelweiss – very nice luxury hotel in the mountain, very close to the Buzludzha monument. This hotel offers rooms and apartments starting from 40 Euro and topping 120 Euro for the most expensive executive suite. In addition to the room fee you can enjoy free access to the Relax/Spa zone which has , hot tub, steam bath and sauna. Hotel Edelweiss also accommodates a stylish restaurant which can host events with up to 80 guests.

Hotel Opalchenets – located in town Shipka, this is a budget place with nice country restaurant next to it. You can stay here for less than 25 Euros per night  in a double room (including breakfast). Hotel Opalchenets is also very close to the Russian Memorial Church which is one of the most visited places in the region. Here are some consumer photos made at the hotel:

Hotel Edelweiss Buzludzha
Hotel Edelweiss close to Buzludzha
e restaurant Hotel Edelweiss
The restaurant at Hotel Edelweiss

How to get to town of Shipka, Bulgaraia
Here is the location of the town, monuments are located about 15-20 minutes by car

Have you been to Buzludzha monument?



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