Top 5+ hotels around Baba Vida fortress in Vidin, Bulgaria

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Plan your visit to Baba Vida Fortress in Vidin, Bulgaria with our top hotel picks!

Baba Vida fortress is located on the shore of Danube river in Vidin, Bulgaria. It’s a medieval fortress built around X century and is said to be the only entirely preserved castle in Bulgaria from that time.

The fortress is Vidin‘s main landmark. Legend says that a Bulgarian King who ruled from Vidin had three daughters – Vida, Kula and Gamza. Before he died, he divided the kingdom among the three. The oldest one, Vida, received the city of Vidin and the northern lands. She never married and built herself a fortress which was later named after her.

Besides legends, facts state that Baba Vida was used as a main defense of the city and has been known to endure an eight-month long siege by Byzantine forces. It has been used as a prison as well – you can inspect the cells even today. The fortress is a place you must see. You can get in for a small fee of EUR 2.

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Top 5+ hotels in Vidin close to Baba Vida fortress

5. Hotel Impuls Palace

This hotel is located on the south entrance of the city and features a pool and a night bar. I’ve not stayed in the hotel itself, but have visited the bar. The place is beautiful and has all facilities you might need – hotel, restaurant, bar, pool. We ranked the hotel last due to the location. There’s no view towards Danube river and the hotel is far from Baba Vida fortress so you cannot reach it by foot.

4. Vival Hotel

Vival is located close to Baba Vida – maybe a 15-minute walk or less. It offers breakfast for their visitors and you will like the nice and cosy rooms. Situated in the Bononia district, it’s close to the city center so you can find cafes and restaurants on walking distance. We ranked this hotel on 4th place due to lack of views toward Danube river and the city park.

3. Vida Family Hotel

This hotel is a good choice and close to the fortress. It’s also very close to the river so you can spend your mornings walking in the park alongside the Danube or drink your coffee there. There aren’t many facilities onsite, but it’s close to city center so you can find restaurants and cafes there at walking distance.

2. Hotel Dunav

Named after the Danube river, this hotel is very close to Baba Vida and the river bank. You will enjoy the views from the top floor rooms. There’s a few restaurants close by that you will also like. The hotel itself is nicely furnished and comfy.

1. Hotel Anna-Kristina

This is our top pick in Vidin because the Anna-Kristina hotel complex is situated in the city park, right across the Danube river. Baba Vida is very close, a 10 minute walk. The hotel features a pool and a bar and the rooms are luxuriously furnished.

Some choices outside Vidin that you should see:

1. Complex Magura, Rabisha village

Rabisha Village is 45 km south-west from Vidin and you can get there in less than an hour by car. The location is convenient if you want to combine your sightseeing with visiting Baba Vida and the Belogradchik fortress on the next day.

The complex itself is perfect, far from the noise of the city so you can relax and enjoy the nature. The property features a pool, bar and restaurant and they also offer breakfast for their guests.

2. Hotel Skalite, Belogradchik

This hotel is located in Belogradchik, a city located 50 km south of Vidin that you can reach in less than 1 hr by car. The main attraction of the city is the Belogradchik fortress, which we told you about here.

Skalite is a 4-star hotel with SPA center and an outside pool you can enjoy. You will especially like the views towards the Belogradchik fortress. The rooms are comfortably furnished and they offer breakfast. It’s a very good place to select if you want to visit Vidin and Belogradchik as well.

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