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Top 3 shopping malls in Plovdiv

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List of top 3 malls in Plovdiv, Bulgaria for shopping and entertainment experience

Top 3 shopping malls in Sofia

Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria after Sofia and is voted to be 2019 European capital of culture. Besides cultural heritage, this city can offer shopping experience as well. Read below which are the best shopping malls in Plovdiv.

Mall Markovo Tepe

Located close to the city center and the main street, mall Markovo Tepe is named after one of the famous Plovdiv hills or so-called ‘tepe’.


This is my personal favorite mall in Plovdiv for shopping or entertainment.

The mall offers a variety of clothing brands and other goods. The last floor features a big top of the line fitness center Atletik. There’s a cinema as well – the popular Arena brand. Restaurant Victoria, a popular Bulgarian luxury chain is situated on second to last floor next to the cinema.

Keep in mind that this mall offers free parking only for a limited timeframe (1 hour), after which parking is paid.


Mall Plovdiv

Mall Plovdiv is located a bit further away from the city center. It features various clothing brands to choose from, as well as electronics and kids’ stores. The mall’s best feature is the Starbucks cafe and the Cinema city movie theater.


Plovdiv Plaza

This will be the new name for the old Mall Galeria in Plovdiv. Before being rebranded, the mall was not a very successful shopping destination. However, now the new owners claim it will be the biggest mall in Plovdiv with many stores and entertainment areas. The famous furniture brand IKEA will also have a store in the new mall.

Plovdiv plaza will be opened in November 2018. We are looking forward to the new, rebranded mall!


Have you visited any of the Plovdiv malls? Which is your favorite? Share and comment below!


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  1. Andrew

    Thanks for the useful information. The new shopping mall in Plovdiv will open later this month and it will be the biggest in town, just like those in Sofia.

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