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Sofia has the dirtiest air in Europe

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Record high levels of air pollution in the Bulgarian capital Sofia

During the last few days, people living in Sofia have endured record high levels of air pollution. The air quality is so bad it can be compared to China or India. Locals grimly joke that at least “they can see what they breathe”

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The reasons for the bad air in the Bulgarian capital are very well known:

  • high number of diesel vehicles with removed DPFs
  • lots of homes using solid fuels such as coal
  • no control over industrial pollutants such as factories etc.

The city of Sofia is enclosed by mountain Vitosha, so its geographic position makes air flow even more difficult. Combine that with misty weather and you can get the results on the picture below. This is an original shot from Sofia that I took today, 03 December.

sofia has the dirtiest air in europe
The air in Sofia is so dirty the pollution can be seen with the naked eye

You can check how bad the air really is on the real time world’s real-time air quality index website.

The measures taken so far by local government are next to none. The results are quite visible. There are multiple studies showing increased number respiratory diseases and cancer among the population. Despite the dangerous situation, a solution has not yet been implemented.

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We at appeal the local government to take urgent precautions and address this severe problem:

  • limit or forbid diesel vehicles without filters from entering the city
  • forbid the home use of solid fuel in the city
  • organize affordable and more convenient (if needed, free) public transport to stimulate people to leave their cars at home
  • take measures to limit industrial pollution

So far none of the above have ever been discussed in the media by the mayor or her representatives. We consider this a criminal offense against the people living in Sofia and would like to invoke our readers living in Bulgaria to take action.


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