Getting from Sofia Airport to the central bus station

Getting from Sofia airport to bus station

How to reach the central Sofia bus station from Sofia airport

Sofia airport is the biggest international airport in Bulgaria. Located in the capital, the airport has two terminals and serves more and more passengers each year. So, if you’re flying to Bulgaria you will most likely land in Sofia and from there you can take a bus to any other city you want to visit.

You can find the schedule of intercity buses from Sofia on the Central bus station’s website.

Ways to get to the central station

  • by rental car or taxi
  • by city bus
  • by subway (metro)

Rental car / taxi

Sofia central bus station is located 12 km away from the airport. Getting there by car would be a long drive, especially during heavy traffic in the weekdays. Parking around the central bus station is paid for by the hour and hard to find.

Popular hotels in Sofia

Taxis are available on the airport in front of the terminal entrance. They will gladly take you to the bus station, but be careful – they may overcharge you if they see you are infamiliar with how to get around the city.

Route from the aiport to the central bus station

City bus

It’s possible to get a bus ride to the central station, however this is the slowest option. You can get on bus 184 from the airport to Pliska hotel. After that, from Pliska hotel take bus 213 to the central bus and railway station. You can check here for the route specifics.

Check my article for buses from Sofia Airport for more details on where to get your bus.

Sofia subway / metro

The most convenient way to travel between the airport and the central bus station is by the metro. The airport metro stop is very close to Airport terminal 2. Take the metro there and travel to metro station Serdika 1. The audio system will prompt you there to get off at Serdika 1 and transfer to Serdika 2 metro station in order to connect to the central bus and railway station. Serdika 2 is downstairs from Serdika 1, where you transfer to another metro line and travel to Central railway and bus station. You can use the same metro ticket.

More info on the Sofia metro here.

Time to reach central bus station from the airport:

  • by car: between 20 minutes up to 1 hour in peak hours
  • by bus: between 50 minutes up to 1 h 15 minutes in peak hours
  • by metro: not longer than 45 minutes

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