Find and book cheap flights with Ryanair fare finder

Find and book cheap flights with Ryanair fare finder cover photo

Travel cheap in Europe with the help of Ryanair fare finder – how to book your flight

Already planning your vacation for 2019? Read our helpful guide on how to travel cheap in Europe and book your flight.

Using Ryanair fare finder tool

The most convenient feature of Ryanair website is their fare finder tool. It enables you to locate the cheapest flights they offer.

fare finder tool ryanair
How to locate the fare finder tool from the main page

Using the fare finder in 3 steps:

  • open the Ryanair website – click Plan – Fare finder
  • add your origin, destination and maximum price
  • check the flight results and fine-tune the criteria if needed.
fare finder search results
Search results for cheap flights from Liverpool under 50 GBP

I’ve written more on the subject how to find your cheap flights in these articles:

Browsing sales and flight deals

Another way to find a cheap flight with Ryanair is to browse their sales and flight deals dedicated page.

This page gives you the cheapest outbound flights from around your location to tens of destinations in Europe!

Booking your flight

The Ryanair website offers many different ways to book your flight. Let’s say that you’re using the fare finder and found a cheap flight on a convenient date from Liverpool to Ibiza. After you click on the fare finder result, you will see the price chart around your dates:

chart view of fare finder prices
Chart view of the ticket prices in Ryanair fare finder tool

The chart gives you the option to select the date with lowest price or another date if you prefer. When you are done selecting your dates, click Continue in the top.

You will then be given the option to select the specific luggage requirements and the respective price depending on the fare.

Important! Make sure you get familiar with the luggage policy of Ryanair. Several low cost airlines have recently updated their cabin bag requirements. This means that your usual cabin bag may no longer be allowed without an additional fee. I used to bring a small suitcase which was allowed on board, but now their policy includes only one small handbag. For more details check Ryanair’s info here.

Check Ryanair’s luggage policy
Select your ideal underseat bag for Ryanair flights
Ryanair's luggage options and fares
Ryanair’s luggage options and fares

The tickets will be added to your basket. Click Continue and you will have to confirm again your choice of bag. It’s irritating and slows down the process in my opinion.

Click Continue again and you will be asked if you want to choose your seat. This will cost you an additional charge, so skip it if you don’t have a seating preference.

Click Checkout and you will finally be able to confirm passenger details and pay for your tickets.

Choosing your passenger details and finalizing your ticket order
Choosing your passenger details and finalizing your ticket order

What to be careful about

Low-cost airlines, including Ryanair use several tricks in order to sell you a more expensive ticket. Be careful for these hidden fees:

  • choosing a specific seat
  • trip insurance
  • luggage options
  • fast checkout
  • rental car offers
  • airport transfers

Alternative low-cost airlines in Europe

Other very popular low-cost airlines in Europe are Wizz Air and Easy Jet. Wizz Air have a convenient trip planner tool here and you can check my guide on how to use it here. Easy Jet have a low fare finder tool, which I haven’t tested yet.

Have you chosen your flight yet? Share and comment below!

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