Best fish restaurant in Vidin, Bulgaria

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Personal review of the best seafood restaurant in Vidin

Vidin is a city located in North-Western Bulgaria on the bank of the Danube river. The city is close to the Romanian and Serbian border and is a big transport center for this region.

As it’s situated on the Danube river, fishing is popular among locals and fish is offered in almost all restaurants in the city.

Vidin restaurants mostly offer alminute dishes and are budget places where you can have a quick bite and beer.

Driving from Vidin to Craiova by E79
Meal in Fish and Grill Dunava
Our meal of fried grass carp with potatoes in Fish and Grill Dunava – very delicious!

My favorite place to eat fresh fish in Vidin is Fish and Grill Dunava. This is a small boat turned into a restaurant and is situated on the river Danube itself. They prepare fresh fish depending on what was caught for the day. Their fish soup is perfect, their caviar is delicious and spicy.

You can check out what they offer and browse photos of the restaurant on their webpage: Fish and Grill Dunava.

View of Fish and Grill dunava and a lovely cat
This lovely orange tomcat kept us company and shared our meal in restaurant Fish and Grill Dunava

The restaurant is located within walking distance (10 minutes) of the famous Baba Vida fortress – the most visited tourist place in Vidin.

Other good restaurants in Vidin are:

  • Bar and Dinner Puerto 77 located in the building of the ex-river station
  • Pizzeria and cafe-bar Classic, situated right across the street from Bar and Dinner Puerto
  • Bistro Paradise, located in the river garden with view towards Danube river, the Danube bridge and Romania

Keep in mind that most of the restaurants in Vidin work during the summer and are closed for the winder.

Have you visited any restaurant in Vidin, Bulgaria? Comment and share below!

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