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Best desserts in Veliko Tarnovo

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Where are the best traditional desserts in Veliko Tarnovo?

What better to do after you see the Veliko Tarnovo’s Tsarevets fortress but to try some traditional coffee and sweets? can recommend the best local sweet shop where you can try delicious desserts

Shekerdjiinitsa is a Bulgarian-style cafe and sweet shop. It offers sand coffee, lemonade in glass bottles and cakes, which are made by old Bulgarian recipes.


Shekerdjiinitsa is located in the old town of Tarnovo, close to the Tsarevets fortress.

Desserts you must try

  • Brown halva – prepared by old technology from ground baked sunflower seeds, walnut kernels and sugar.
  • Sorbet halva – it has a rich, thick flavor; made from ground baked sesame seeds.
Traditional desserts halva and pestil
Traditional desserts halva and pestil
  • Pestil – a paste from dried plums with no sugar added; it has the texture and color of dark chocolate.
  • White jam – an authentic family recipe, handed over from one generation to the next. It’s made from special high-quality sugar and rose water.
white jam veliko tarnovo
Traditional white jam in Veliko Tarnovo’s “shekerdjiinitsa”
  • Minty mint – candy with very specific flavor.
  • Chorbadjiiski candies – candy with a lot of butter and sugar and other ingredients.
  • Fondant roosters and flowers – sugar and natural dye, molded in the specific shapes, great for children.

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Sand coffee

Traditionally, a cup of coffee is brewed using a pan filled with sand, heated over an open flame. An excellent drink for your dessert.

sand coffee veliko tarnovo
Making sand coffee in Veliko Tarnovo’s “shekerdjiinitsa”

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