Bansko Audi FIS ski world cup 2019 cover photo

How to choose your hotel for the Bansko ski world cup

After a few years pause, starting 2019 the Bulgarian ski resort Bansko will again host the Audi FIS ski world cup. The events will take place on:

  • 22 – 24 February 2019
  • 25 – 26 January 2020
  • 27 – 28 February 2021

Bansko – not only a winter destination

Bansko is Bulgaria’s most popular ski destination. The resort also offers SPA, traditional restaurants and other activities at lower prices than similar destinations abroad.

View from our hotel room
Beautiful mountain view from our hotel room


Bansko is located 150 km from Sofia in the Pirin mountains. It’s reachable by car taking the A3 highway and E79 route. The nearest airport is Sofia airport and some hotels offer airport transfer, make sure to check with your hotel.

Ski lifts

Bansko has only one gondola type ski lift that takes you to all ski runs. There are 9 open seat lifts and 5 drag lifts to take you to specific ski runs. More information on the ski lifts can be found here.

Ski runs

Bansko offers 18 ski slopes with varying difficulty. Amateurs and professionals can both find their ideal ski run.

Bansko ski run
Bansko ski run next to the Gondola lift – suitable for amateurs

Choosing your hotel – what to keep in mind

There are lots of hotels in Bansko – you can find available accommodation even in busiest season. Hotel types vary from luxury spa hotels to affordable family homes. Always make sure to check these before you book:

  • hotel location – some hotels are a few kilometers outside the town
  • does the hotel offer transfer – most do, especially those outside of town
  • amenities – SPA, indoor/outdoor pool
  • ski school and equipment
Bansko center
View from the Bansko center

Some hotels that I have visited are:

  1. Cornelia Boutique Hotel – this hotel is located near the golf course, 13 km outside the Bansko center. It offers a small spa center with an indoor pool, ski equipment for rent and transfer to Bansko gondola lift. The rooms are modernly furnished with great views.
  2. Redenka Holiday Club – this hotel is also located outside Bansko, but offers transfer to the town. It features small apartments and family villas, spa center with indoor and outdoor pools and a big restaurant. You can read more about my stay in Redenka here.
  3. Aspa Villa, Bania village – this hotel is in a village close to the town of Bansko. The village is known for the thermal pools. The hotel is mid-range, with a good all-season outside pool.

Entertainment in Bansko

The center of Bansko offers many restaurants where you can try typical Bulgarian cuisine.You’ll also find lots of bars and night clubs. One of the bars that I visited (only during the day) is Happy End bar right next to the gondola lift in the center of Bansko. During the day they serve hot tea, chocolate and other beverages in the open part of the bar with views to the lift. It’s very convenient to wait your turn for the lift there with a hot drink in hand.

View from bar happy end to ski lift
Bar Happy End is situated next to the Bansko lift

Have you been to Bansko? Share and comment below!


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