Using Wizz Air trip planner for cheap flights

Wizzair trip planner cover photo

Using Wizz Air’s trip planner to find hidden cheap flights – step by step guide with pictures

The famous low-cost Hungarian company Wizz Air has recently introduced a new feature on their website which allows you to find a cheap flight quick and easy. Previously, to find your desired price range, you had to browse each date with available flights. Now the trip planner feature lets you select your origin, desired date range and price range and gives you the best budget-friendly options.

My honest review of my experience with Wizz Air

The new trip planner is very easy to use:

  • select outbound city
  • select desired category
  • select date range and duration of trip
  • select price range

and you get the best offers for a round trip that Wizz Air can offer at the moment.

Steps to use Wizz Air’s trip planner

1. From the Home page, select Plan – Trip planner

4 steps to use Wizz Air's trip planner feature for cheap hidden flights

2. Choose your preferences from the list – outbound city, category (I usually select Any category so I can see more flights), date range and duration of your trip.

4 steps to use Wizz Air's trip planner feature for cheap hidden flights

3. Select your desired price range for return trip

4 steps to use Wizz Air's trip planner feature for cheap hidden flights

4. Hit ‘Search‘ and your results are ready. The flights are ordered by ascending price so the lowest price is first and when you browse down, the more expensive options appear. Click on View Flights to choose your preferred destination.

4 steps to use Wizz Air's trip planner feature for cheap hidden flights

My search for flights from Vienna in November with duration 1 week and budget under 99.99 EUR (per person) returned 19 options starting from 39.98 EUR.

This search took me less than 2 minutes to find the cheapest option to travel from Vienna in November. In comparison, if I had to still use their old way of searching, I could spend around 2 hours browsing all possible flights from Vienna in November to all destinations and comparing prices so I can choose where to spend my one week vacation.

It’s definitely great that Wizz implemented this feature and I will be using it in the future to book my flights.

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