SVEYO Places is a new online travelling platform for sharing resources like booking information, travelling tips, deals and offers and many others.

At people can share their traveling experience and booking suggestions. We aspire to create a place in the online world where visitors can exchange information on the beautiful places they visited, as well as their hotel / restaurant / transport suggestions for future travelers.

We believe that information gained through personal experience is the most useful one and we want to offer any traveler a place to tell their story and recommendations for any place they visit.


About the authors


Our passion for traveling is what created We aspire to see the world – or, at least, a big part of it. We are curious and passionate and believe that our planet is the most beautiful place we can possibly ask for. We want to see many countries and experience their culture.

During our travels, we thought how great it would be if there was a place where all travelers could share how their journey went, where they stayed and which places they liked the best. We strongly believe that travelers can share much valuable information through personal experience.

That’s why we decided to create this blog where we share our journeys and hope to build a place at Sveyo where each traveler will feel welcome to share their own.

We would love to tell you all about our experiences and share useful tips that we came accross on the road. Nothing will make us happier than to inspire people to share the places they have visited with us!

Do you have a story you want to share with others? Have you recently traveled to some amazing place you want to show us? This is the place for you – feel free to comment and share below!