Best value for money 42-inch LED TV for 2013

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Best value for money 42-inch LED TV for 2013
  • LG 42LA640S
  • Sony KDL-42W650
  • Samsung UE42F5700
  • LG 42LA660S
  • LG 42LA691S

Best performing 42-inch HD and Full HD LED TVs for 2013

Today we are going to discuss the best value for money 42-inch LED TV for 2013. The 42-inch class is probably one of the most popular together with the 32-inch sized TVs. We had already reviewed our best 32-inch LED TV for 2013 so we decided it is time for the 42-inch models. Again our top choices for best performing 42-inch LED panels are from the top three TV manufacturers in the world – LG, Sony and Samsung.
In our list the best value for money 42-inch LED TV for 2013 is the LG 42LA640S which performs very well and comes with quite an affordable price tag.
The second place is taken by the popular Sony KDL-42W650 which is currently one of the best selling 42-inch LED TV in the world.
The third place in our chart is for the 42-inch Full HD Smart LED TV Samsung UE42F5700 which has a bit controversial design and is slightly more expensive than the LG 42LA640S.
Next in our list come the amazing LG 42LA660S which is a TV that has it all – Full HD 1080p picture, 3D, Smart TV, great design and good price. This is actually my personal favorite in this list but it is not in our top three just because of the higher price. This TV is definitely worth the money.
The last place in our classification is taken by the most expensive 42-inch LED TV here – the premium LG 42LA691S. This high-end TV has stunning design and Full HD 3D LED panel with Smart TV features. The 42LA691S is also quite expensive with a price tag of around $1100.

So these are our top 5 picks for the best 42-inch LED TV for 2013. As you can see LG has big advantage here but in this class there are plenty other good TVs from Samsung, Sony, Philips, Panasonic and some others.
Check the rest of our TV reviews and find the TV that will best suit your needs and expectations.

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